Red Devil Talk: Mourinho Sacking Imminent?

It has been reported since last night that Jose Mourinho will be sacked as Manchester United manager tomorrow regardless of their result against Newcastle United at Old Trafford. After a number of poor results recently, he has been under severe scrutiny and it seems the Portuguese has run out of time with the powers that be.

United, who go into tomorrows game against Newcastle, are already 9 points behind rivals City and Liverpool, and recorded their worst start to the campaign in 29 years when they were beaten at the hands of West Ham last weekend. Following days of rumours, it looks like the end of the Jose Mourinho tale at Old Trafford. Who comes in to replace him? That one, I do not know. But, what I do know is this: if Manchester United have leaked their plans to sack the manager to the press once again, it is farcial. A total lack of class from a club that prides itself on values.

Player power has never been more prominent. As Gary Neville stated tonight on Sky, ‘the tail is wagging the dog.’ I hope Paul Pogba follows him out of Old Trafford. The club is a shambles; from the top down. If some of you think sacking Jose Mourinho is going to be the answer, I fear you will be sadly mistaken. I am not naive enough to say Jose Mourinho is not partly at fault, but it is also naive to think that he is the root of the problem. There are several variables to this nightmare.

In light of this news, I spoke to Barney Chilton, the editor of Man Utd fanzine Red News. In addition, we spoke about the struggles of Alexis Sanchez, and the promise of Mason Greenwood (so it’s not all miserable).

I’ll get straight to the point. What is your stance? Mourinho in? or Mourinho out?

It looks like he has ran his race doesn’t it? It is beginning to look ominous. But, I remain torn, probably hourly, about the Jose Hokey Cokey. In truth, he’s spent; as soon as Ed Woodward decided to dig the knife in by slating his transfer plans and rejecting them, and the players that remained and felt snubbed started to twist it, it was merely a matter of when. I remain convinced that we would see better football under a new man, and probably initial results, but this is a huge problem at a toxic club and as we have now seen with all three managers since Ferguson, we’re ruining reputations now rather than making them. So could one man during mid-season solve that? I can’t see it. He’ll be gone – sooner rather than later I suspect – in spite of what I think.

I fear Jose is not the root of the problem. If sacked, won’t the next manager have similar problems with a penney-pinching board?

Yes, plain and simple. We should never have had the value era, we were saved by Fergie’s genius. With a club that proudly boasts its commercial entity and does not need its football side to actually do that well, we are, to put it as nicely as possible, fucked.

Should he lose his job, who would you like to see replace him as Manchester United manager?

I’m unsure. I have suggested the Boca Juniors manager for the fun aspect. I am wary of Zidane. His league record in that final season concerns me. If he couldn’t motivate the stars for lesser games, what hope has he got with this bunch? I honestly think we should look to someone who gets and knows Manchester Utd, and we are lucky in that sense. We have a pretty big field in terms of many who have seen it, and done it here.

What is your view on the repeated comments of Paul Pogba in the media? He knows what he is doing doesn’t he?

Of course he does. He might lack footballing intelligence but he’s not being led a dance just by the agent here. It’s really unedifying to watch it play out; sly quotes, and worse of all not looking like he’s always putting in a shift in. He owes us, or at least his huge wages to that.

We face Newcastle tomorrow. Anything but a victory is unthinkable isn’t it?

Yes. And I am worried about facing a side that have not won all season. Says it all, doesn’t it?!

Should Anthony Martial start this weekend at the expense of Alexis Sanchez?

I’d actually start Sanchez with a rocket up his arse to say come on, where the hell have you been?  I’d consider dropping Lukaku who is badly out of form. Having said that, maybe to regain it, he needs to play against a side lacking confidence. We need something from those up top, much more than we have seen.

While we are on the subject, what the hell is going on with Alexis?

He’s always been a misery here so don’t worry about his mood, he’s a stroppy git. However, I think he’s arrived at an inconsistent side and been drawn into that along with, I fear, his pace going. He looks slower and once you have lost that, you are in trouble. Hopefully, until then, he can at least show us the ability he has in his brain, if not what is now seemingly lacking in his legs. He’s got to do better!

Let’s finish on a positive note. Mason Greenwood signed his first pro contract during the week. He looks a prospect. What can you tell us about Mason?

Everything they say in Carrington has been positive. In terms of his attitude, and commitment. Now we are seeing it slowly with each development stage. Let’s try and leave him be for now, though. We have a habit of asking too much of our young starlets and they need time. Like Marcus Rashford still finding his identity, you can come in and do well but then you’re still learning all the time at that age. But hopefully, we have at least 3 in that Academy side who can really press themselves into the first team picture.



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